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Grand Opening of Henkel Display Center at Zhangjiang High-Tech Park 

SHANGHAI, Jan 22, 2013 / -- Henkel announced their Display Center officially opened in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park of Shanghai on Jan 9, 2013.

Loctite® Technology for Pump Repair Solutions 

Most industrial centrifugal pumps carry a significant capital equipment value, and it is therefore important to extend their useful lives and ensure that they run efficiently and reliably. Proactive maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdowns and increase pump reliability and longevity.

Loctite® Technology for Shaft Repair Solutions 

Most shaft assemblies are incorporated into systems carrying a significant capital equipment value. It is therefore vital to maximise their useful lives and ensure reliable performance. Proactive maintenance can minimise expensive downtime, enhance reliability and dramatically cut costs.

Loctite® Technology for Gearbox Repair Solutions 

Industrial gearboxes play an important role in processing and manufacturing facilities. Performance must be tailored to an endless diversity of demands, and reliable operation over a long service life with minimum maintenance is a key requirement. For plant professionals, the ultimate goal is to maximise machinery output, reliability and efficiency.


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